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The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Torgiano

April 30, 2014

di Benedetta Tintillini

torThe “Vaselle d’autore” idea was born in front of a glass of good wine, between Master Nino Caruso and the former mayor of Torgiano, in order to create a reality linked to the territory and its excellence. Torgiano which is linked to the wine by ancient tradition and the presence of fine cellars and a dedicated museum.
The initial idea was to create it functional, trying to influence and “rejuvenate” the local artisans production.
This concept was then further developed by Caruso, who decided to invite artists from different disciplines, even if the first experience with ceramics, but, for this reason, potential bearers of ideas and suggestions always new and different.
Since that time, every year, three artists from all over the world are invited to make vaselle, the traditional (more…)


March 7, 2014
Donatella Tintillini e Francesco Baiano

Donatella Tintillini e Francesco Baiano

by Benedetta Tintillini

I come into the shop – workshop – museum “Antica Fornace” of Deruta, immediately greeted by the founder, Mr. Francesco Baiano. He accompanies me, with courtesy and enthusiasm, on a visit through his collection of ceramics, an astounding collection of pottery and ceramic production in Deruta from 1400 to the present.

A journey through the objects. There are apothecary jars, some of which are very curious. In addition to scrolls bearing the inscriptions of the contents, there are also illustrations of the use of the medication, a collection of 200 dishes, each one different from the other, upon which different artists have expressed their genius and their mastery and their signature mark. (more…)