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May 9, 2014


di Benedetta Tintillini

Three cave complexes can be visited in Orvieto, very different one from the other: the famous St. Patrick’s Well , the Mill of Santa Chiara and the Pozzo della Cava.
The cliff of Orvieto, hides an endless series of caves and tunnels (1204 are the explored ones) excavated along 28 centuries of history; that’s why the Pozzo della Cava is so amazing and particular, here we can admire a series of artificial cavities of very different eras, from the Etruscans to the Renaissance.
It is located in the medieval quarter of Orvieto. As it was impossible to expand the city due to the particular shape of the cliff, the inhabitants were forced to transform and readapt the underground cellars, according to their actual needs; that explains the constant changes and transformations of the cavities.
The water supply in case of siege was the need that caused the creation of several wells, the first to be realized was the Pozzo della Cava.
But let’s order !
In the first room at the road level (the rooms at this level were used as workshops or stables, the upper floors were used as houses), there is a furnace of ceramics from the Middle Ages. Part of the chimney and the furnace it’s still (more…)

Orvieto: “Gustoso a Palazzo” exhibition market of culinary excellence

September 10, 2013

“Gustoso a Palazzo” opens Sunday, September 15th, in the Palazzo del Gusto courtyard in Orvieto, the event is about food and wine, the best local products. The protagonists are the Orvieto wineries and producers.

The trade show will host a summary of the excellent food of the region: truffles, (more…)