The Cypress of St. Francis, 800 years old but it does not show , perfectly cloned in several specimens that will be donated to the Sacro Convento of Assisi

An imaginative legend, collected in the “Istoria Serafica” in the seventeenth century , says:
“…. One day to Brother Francis , who was passing tired along the ridges of the Apennines , the robe was caught on a little branch; he picked it up , and to took it as a walking stick for his wanderings , and once arrived , no longer needed, gave it to the fire : it writhed sizzling , but remained intact. Then St. Francis said: ” If you do not want to burn , grow up ! ” And he planted a large buds bloomed at once . Wherefore , as a sign of greater miracle , for the good of humans. Thus arose Friar Cypress , to the glory of our Lord …. ” .
by Moreno Moraldi

Some years ago I have had the pleasure to collaborate in the publication of a book, published in Valencia ( Spain) , titled: “Monumental Cypresses Mediterranean heritage ” Among the many examples described ,the Cypress of St. Francis deserves a place of honour, this tree grows in the cloister of the Franciscan monastery of Verucchio (Rimini) . The Cypress of St. Francis is an impressive plant ; below its characteristic data :
• height of the plant canopy diameter 28.00 m • • 11.32 m trunk diameter of 5.81 m • This year marks 800 years
It has endured endless hardships , it was saved from the fire started by the French soldiers in 1798, survived two attempts abatement in 1810, survived the last war cannon on the monastery, survived the tornado of 1980 that broke over 4 meters in height .
Relying on Umbraflor specialization in the cultivation of cypress , the initiative to protect the presence of the cypress, which bears the name of the patron saint of Italy , was taken, trying to reproduce the subjects perfectly identical to the original plant .
The program for the protection of the Cypress of Saint Francis has had excellent results , and today , in the nursery situated on the plain between Assisi and Spello, beautiful plants are available, “daughters” of the specimen in Verucchio.
In literature it is reported that , when you multiply the adult cypresses , the results are never satisfactory . In our case the plant multiplied , which has less than 8 centuries of life , was much more than an adult ! Nevertheless , almost all the cypress trees grafted have taken root. Such a result has made us reflect on the possibility of some “help” much more effective technical knowledge of the nursery !
The plants available in the nursery will soon be donated to the Sacro Convento of Assisi to be located near the Basilica of the Holy Franciscans and other places in Italy.
A company with public capital to 100%, regional majority , but
with financial autonomy and management of a private nature ;
a structure nursery spread over 245 Ha, with a staff of
30 employees , 20% of them university graduates in agriculture ;

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