Benedetta Tintillini

Benedetta Tintillini

by Benedetta Tintillini

Next appointment with our past will take place on September 29th in Rome. The Matavitatau Cultural Association scheduled the activity entitled: LIVING IN ROME : THE DOMUS of Palazzo Valentini , the Trajan’s Column and the ROMAN DOMUS of Celio Hill.

Memeber and not-members will have the opportunity guided by the President of the Association , Nicoletta Bernardini , to discover the excavations made ​​in the basement of Palazzo Valentini , which brought to light new and surprising archaeological treasures : the remains of a domus of the imperial age belonging to powerful families of that era , embedded in the foundations of a historic palace of the Roman nobility , from which were rekindled polychrome mosaics , baths and frescoes.

mataA multimedia guided tour made ​​by the team of Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano allows you to admire these treasures through an experience of visiting the museum in an example of perfect integration between the past and the use of new technologies . The archaeological remains are turned to life, the old house is filled with the emotion of the contemporary visitors’ souls . In the area of ​​Trajan’s column and in the near basement, accompanied by a setting that allows you to view the area of the column as it existed at the time of its construction, you can see the ruins of an ancient theater in cement work , large blocks of travertine and tuff , drums of colossal monolithic columns of gray Egyptian granite, the largest put in place in ancient Rome . A virtual reconstruction of the column allows you to observe closely the bas-reliefs and the military campaign that they tell : the conquest of Dacia , the current Romania , by the  Emperor Trajan .

Under the basilica of S. Giovanni e Paolo al Celio , founded at the beginning of the fifth century by Senator Pammachius , lies an extraordinary complex of residential buildings from Roman times . The tradition identifies these places with the house in which the Saints John and Paul lived and were buried , after having suffered martyrdom under the Emperor Julian the ‘ Apostate ( 361-363 d. C. )

The visit to the archaeological site , discovered in 1887 and opened to the public in 2002 , will dive you in a rarefied atmosphere , where a sequence of rooms frescoed with pagan and early Christian paintings testimonies mingle and overlap themselves.

The route passes through over 20 levels of underground rooms , frescoed with paintings dating from the second century and the fourth century . A.D. A succession of decorated rooms , a maze of structures that gives us a stratification of eras , styles , cultures , testimonies, which represents the deepest essence of Rome and its ancient history .

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