Orvieto: “Gustoso a Palazzo” exhibition market of culinary excellence

“Gustoso a Palazzo” opens Sunday, September 15th, in the Palazzo del Gusto courtyard in Orvieto, the event is about food and wine, the best local products. The protagonists are the Orvieto wineries and producers.

The trade show will host a summary of the excellent food of the region: truffles, meats, pasta, olive oil, goat cheese, fava cottora, farro, buffalo mozzarella, baked goods, Cicotto di Grutti, mortadella made from Chianina meat, artisanal beer, honey and saffron .

Tastings of some of the best wines of the area are available: Custodi, Decugnano dei Barbi, Falesco, Palazzone, Santa Croce and Vitalonga.

Four exceptional chefs will offer their creations to the visitors: Paolo Trippini from Trippini restaurant, Anna Rita Simoncini from I Sette Consoli, Edi Dottori from Sala della Comitissa and Maurizio Di Mario from Pasticceria  Adriano.
It will start at 6pm. The event will be repeated periodically throughout the year.

For more information: marina.ciancaglini@ilpalazzodelgusto.it. Tel: 339 8199734. Entrance and tasting: 15 €.

The Palazzo del Gusto, located in the former convent of San Giovanni, in the medieval heart of Orvieto, is an institution of the Province of Terni. Centre of Communication, Culture and training created to enhance the territory food and wine, is the home of the Enoteca Regionale of Umbria, the only public facility of this kind in the region: an impressive showcase of the 11 DOC and 2 DOCG of Umbria that you may know and appreciate in the ancient and cool cellars of the building, dug into the tuff. A modern teaching kitchen is available to “amateurs”, groups and tourists interested in Umbrian cuisine. The Enoteca Regionale also organizes wine tours with visits to wineries of the area and wine tastings.

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